A Guide to Jophiel Archangel

Most references are made in relation to archangel Jophiel as the angel of beauty. Jophiel simply means the beauty of God although some Angels refer to her as lofiel or sophiel. She is the archangel that is responsible for sending beautiful thoughts that are necessary in developing a beautiful soul. The presence of archangel Jophiel is usually perceived as the ability to notice beauty in our surroundings or being able to come up with creative ideas that inspire us to create beauty.

Archangel jophiel is effective in engaging your mind since she communicates in many different ways. Angels have more power then the bureaucratic functionaries than what we take them to be. Since the angels operate without the hindrances of space and time, they can help us fulfill our personal potential by assisting and guiding us in different ways. If you are looking to learn more about archangel jophiel, you have come to the right place.

Archangel jophiel is an angel that cannot miss from our daily lives since she is responsible for our ability to come up with new ideas. It has been widely alluded that the sunshine ray of Jophiel’s energy comes with the ability for us to create new approaches about every aspect of our lives. This makes it easier for us to find solutions to different problems that may have frustrated as for a long time. If you suddenly find a solution to a problem that has clouded your mind, the presence of archangel jophiel is probably not far from you. Since she pleasures from helping people through creative process, archangel jophiel looks to help us identify the reflection of God’s love through our creative expressions by helping us come up with a mindful of creative ideas.

With the bouts of positive energy, archangel jophiel has the ability to help us get through negative thoughts that may torment. Many authors suggest that we are only stimulated and provided with the power to free ourselves from the prison of negative thought through the energy of positive thinking that comes from Archangel Jophiel. The presence of archangel jophiel is important especially for people that keep making the same mistake or those that have a hard time understanding their life experiences. If you suffer from low esteem or you have ripped the consequences of someone else’s negative behaviour, you may also benefit from the energy of archangel jophiel.

With the presence of archangel Jophiel close to us, we can easily identify beauty making it easier for us to appreciate angelic light. A yellow light ray is an indication of archangel jophiel stations close to you since she is the leader of Angels associated with yellow light.

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